Change default Google Chrome search engine to English

For people living outside the US< when you use Google Chrome, you might not so comfortable of having the local Google as the default search engine. When I'm in Indonesia, I always redirected to when I did my search in Chrome. Now, sometimes local Google search doesn't have all the feature that Google English has. Like the doesn't have Video search as the English one.
One way to change the chrome default search engine to google english is this:

  1. Click the wrench > options
  2. under Basic tab, click Manage button on the "Default Search"
  3. Edit the default Google search
  4. on the box, select the third field "URL", ctrl+A, then ctrl+c. We want to select the whole parameters and copy them. Now close the box.
  5. Next step is to create a new search engine, click "Add"
  6. go to URL  field and paste. you should have the parameters that we copy on step 4. 
  7. edit the parameter, change "{google:baseURL}" to "" (without the quotes)
  8. give name and keyword as you like. click OK.
  9. back to list  of search engine, select the new search engine you just created, click "Make Default" 
  10. you're done.

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