About Me

A guy make a living from the internet. Live my life in Indonesia. Commuting 35 km everyday from my home in Tangerang to my workplace in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Specialized in non-specific area including web management, database management, information system, monitoring and evaluation system, communications, knowledge sharing and knowledge management, spatial information management,  baby sitting, budget spending, inter-city driving, daydreaming, and traditional massage.
Bachelor in Informatics Engineering and Master (soon) in Communications Management. Experienced in software development, web-based information system, IT technical support, IT infrastructure planning and management, multimedia, storytelling, capacity building, computer network, mobile technology, and of course experienced in being rejected by potential client and employer.
If you need one or more of my expertise, let's discuss.
I'm now married with one daughter. Willing to travel, easy to work with various people with different background, willing to relocate, willing to earn good salary, willing to go to heaven when I finish my time in this world.
just contact me if you want to discuss anything...

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