Fix your Grub boot loader with Super Grub Disk

This what just happened to me:

  • My PC installed with Ubuntu and Windows XP (both are 64 bit version). I use GRUB for the boot loader.
  • I got GRUB Error 17. Something's wrong and I can not continue booting to my operating system.

I've tried to use Ubuntu installer Rescue Mode but it seemed to make things more complicated. So.. I googled about this error and I found this:
Thanks Herman.

If you happen to meet the same problem with me, try download this tool and burn it to a CD or a USB disk, then boot from it. The tool is only about 4 MB, so you should be able to download it quickly.
After you boot from it, just follow the instructions. It also a good idea to keep this tool ready if you have problem with GRUB next time.

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