InDesign CS2: Missing Plug-ins LILO.APLN and CELLSTYLES.RPLN

When you open a .indd with InDesign CS2, you got this message:

The document “document_name.indd” uses one or more plug-ins which are not currently available on your system. Do you want to open anyway?


This happens because the file you try to open is an InDesign CS3 file. The file is not backward compatible.

The solution is to ask the creator of the file to save the file as .INX (InDesign Interchange). You should be able to open the InDesign CS3 document with your InDesign CS2.
Or, other solution is to upgrade the InDesign with the latest version, which not a cheap solution (at least for me).


chewie said…
Thanx for the helpful info!

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