Asia-Pacific Human Development Report on Corruption Launched

Corruption is increasingly being challenged as unacceptable across Asia and the Pacific. This Report shows how why eliminating corruption that plagues people’s daily lives must become a priority. The police, social services, and environment are areas countries should consider focusing on. Now is the time to seize the moment, to combine pressure from above, in government and the private sector, with the voice of the people from below. Successes are emerging, alongside growing international commitment - history does not have to become the region’s destiny.
This paragraph is taken from UNDP Asia-Pacific Human Development Report on Corruption website. The report was launched yesterday, Thursday, 12 June 2008. The launch ceremony was held at Presidential Palace in Jakarta with Indonesia President in the morning, followed by a panel discussion on the report at Balai Kartini, Jakarta in the afternoon.

Indonesia has been considered to achieve a significant progress in eradicate corruption. With its KPK (Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission), many of the corruptor have been sentenced to jail. Although this has a disadvantage in the development process, as the official is now very-very careful whenever they want to make decision because they afraid if it will lead them to deal with KPK.

President says, we may have won the battle, but we haven't won the war. Selamat berjuang pak.

Btw, I wrote this entry because I was involved in the launch. :-)


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