Indonesia Public Voice Over IP

After several thread in ITB Mailing List discussing about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)), I click on this interesting website, its name is VoIP Rakyat (literally means Public VoIP).

They provide voip server to Indonesian public for free. They're now working on an ENUM project for Indonesia. This will enable us in Indonesia to have our own phone number through voip.
Good luck guys.. that's an awsome project.

From their about page:
Mengikuti jejak VoIP Merdeka, di tahun 2004 Anton Raharja dan rekan-rekan ICT Centre Jakarta membangun server VoIP yang kemudian diberi nama VoIP Rakyat dengan nama domain Berbeda dengan VoIP Merdeka yang merupakan gabungan banyak node-node gatekeeper VoIP, arsitektur VoIP Rakyat memungkinkan hanya menggunakan satu server saja. VoIP Merdeka berbasis protocol H.323, sedangkan VoIP Rakyat berbasis protocol SIP.


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