Please Find Attached

When I send an email with attachment and no other message to send, usually we put a short sentence prompting the recipient to open the attached documents. In formal letter, which one is the most convenient use of this phrase:
  1. Please find attached the new documents
  2. Please find attached new documents
  3. Attached please find the new documents
I always confuse which one to use, and decide not to use those phrase because they sound ambiguous. I prefer to use other sentence (don't know if I'm right or not) like:
  1. I have attached the new documents.
  2. Please find the attached new documents.
  3. Please find the new documents that I have attached.
When you search those 3 first sentences in google, I found that many people are also confused about the use of the sentence. Maybe because I'm not English native and I just follow the grammar rule I've known.

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