Daily Adventure, Cimone-Jakarta

I'm officially move from my previous kostan last week the day before Ramadhan (fast month), 12 sept 2007. From that on, I stayed in Cimone, Tangerang with my wife.
The distance between Cimone and Central Jakarta is about 35km, this is the distance that I have to get through daily. There are several alternatives though:
  1. By Motorcycle, thru Kalideres. Took about 45 mins-1 hour with average 60km/h speed. Hectic traffic, lots of motorcycles, trucks and other public transport such buses and angkot. 
  2. By Private Car, thru Toll-way. Took about 1,5 hours in heavy traffic jam. 
  3. By Public Bus, thru Toll-way. Took about 1,5 hours in heavy traffic jam. There are many buses server this route, check out my previous post on Jakarta Public Transport Route.
  4. By Train, by far, this is the most effective transport method I got. 
There are 3 alternative train. Economy class train, Benteng Express, and Cisadane Express. I often use Cisadane Express since this train has the most convenient schedule for me.
Cisadane Express:
  • Tangerang (06:45) - Jakarta, Sudirman (7:30)
  • Jakarta, Sudirman (17:50) - Tangerang (18:35)
Since I'm not a very discipline person. Sometime I go by train, or use motorcycle if I prefer to go to the office after 7am.

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