Post wedding syndrome..
After i got married last week, I took a honeymoon to a resort in Garut, about 70 km from Bandung. after 6 days enjoy the moments with my wife, I have to leave her again. I work in Jakarta while my wife still have to finish her pharmacist study in Bandung.

It's so uncomfortable being away from her, especially after we got married. We still have to live in different city at least until she finished her study, which is still about 5 months from now.

The things aren't much different when we were still dating, I visit her every weekends, and during weekdays, I live and work in Jakarta, while she in Bandung. Only this time, every weekend, I can spend the whole 48 hours with her. ;-)

Honey, I already miss you...
If you had a time, please visit our wedding album here:

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