Dealing with computer users in an organization is not a simple thing. Well, it's quite simple, but complicated in way or another. In my case, I'm supposed to be IT Assistant. This job title is so general that all the IT related problems are my problems. For example, in one day of my office life:
  • "Veriy, is the internet down? I can't open my email.."
  • develop application for the organization
  • learning new possibilities for utilization of software.
  • "Veriy, can you help me? I don't know how to make this disappeared from my screen"
  • Chat with my friends using messenger
  • Call vendors and ask them for quotations
  • manage database
  • accept phone calls from all over indonesia asking for something, mostly of course computer-related
So, with all those task I do in my daily work, I couldn't focus on something. Maybe that's why all the progress of the system development I do in this office is slow in progress.

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